A Mississippi Whisper

It’s 1953, and in Jackson, Mississippi, Charlie McCoy has finally reached the “double digits” and turned ten. For Charlie, being ten means being broke (unless he can jump start his junk sales business), school days that feel endless, and the occasional baseball game.

But change is afoot. His older brother, Henry, is in junior high and beginning to pull away. His sister, Katy Jean, remains a whisper of a girl, and now Charlie is outpacing her, growing up as she seems to shrink. Even Jackson is changing, moving away from its agrarian roots, getting a big new highway.

When a fire at the empty estate up the road unearths a skeleton, Charlie and his friends gravitate toward the mystery, eager for distraction and drama. But the mystery swirling around the fire and its surprising discovery only underscore the life lessons Charlie is learning, about the importance of friendship and loyalty.

A MISSISSIPPI WHISPER is a vivid portrait of a time. Told with gentle humor, it’s the story of a young boy beginning to face the realities of life and of a community on the cusp of reinvention.

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